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We're a team of critical thinkers driven to design and nurture creative and practical places.


As a forward thinking and client focused design studio, we are helping to better connect people with nature by designing projects  that outlast us and contribute to a healthier world. Our work is site specific, environmentally conscious, and focused on enduring built environments with clever, tactful, and sustainable designs.

Image by Olivia Bauso
City Landscape

Founded on quality since 2006, Tullo Planning Group has worked with developers, residents, and state & local governments to deliver comprehensive spaces that perfectly blend the natural and built environment. We execute your vision with responsiveness and adaptability through a creative process focused on collaboration and insightful interaction with our clients, partners, and the community.

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For projects to achieve their true potential, our team engages early in the creative process to properly plan the most effective design outcomes.

It is our goal to develop land use, transportation corridor, and other site-specific landscape master plans that engage their users, are sensitive to native vegetation, and are economically suitable and manageable for long-term enjoyment.



Urban Gardens

We are skilled at crafting a unifying vision and transform great ideas into action. We are focused on creating spatial experiences that are attractive, functional, and sustainable by design.  Our design concepts, and permitting & construction documents effectively support our contractors and clients in fulfilling the overall vision of making the Gulf Coast area beautiful, functional, and resilient.


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Our experience in construction and cost solutions assure the established budgetary and aesthetic benchmarks are accomplished for your new construction or renovation project. Additionally, our landscape maintenance programs include ongoing management and specification enforcement through monthly inspections and installation supervision, in addition to offering one-time assessments.




I'm the founder of Tullo Planning Group and a licensed landscape architect in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Over the past 25+ years, I've provided landscape design and land use planning services to public and private clients across the southeast, with projects ranging from new transportation corridors and public space improvements to major residential & commercial developments. 

I am proud to provide creative solutions for landscape architecture, with a thorough understanding of user interests, our local environment,  and state and federal regulatory requirements  found across the Gulf Coast. 

From childhood, I've enjoyed making beautiful spaces in nature. I continue this passion each and every day by designing and nurturing creative and practical places for us to live, work, and play.

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